Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

Thank you for choosing Trek Ways Nepal Pvt. Ltd. hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is a Kathmandu-based Nepal’s local company that is fully licensed and registered (– Company Registration Number) under the various departments of the Government of Nepal. Your agreement with us includes the Terms and Conditions related to the Booking Confirmation, Payment, Refund, Cancellation, and other charges levied as per the company’s Terms and conditions. Therefore, we request you to very carefully read and understand all the Terms and Conditions which are mentioned below.

Trek Ways Nepal Pvt. Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as “The Company” or “We”), is a registered Company (Registration no. 323967/080/081 ) with its office located at Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. The company’s head is Mr. Tika Prasad Regmi.

The following terms and conditions apply to all types of holiday trips offered by the company.

Become Our Business Partner

Trek Ways Nepal P. Ltd, one of the leading trekking/adventure companies in Nepal, is actively looking to form partnerships with trekking/expedition companies globally. Nepal is known as one of the best destinations for trekking because of the Himalayas and its unique culture. 

1. Booking a Trip

The term “Trip” stated in these websites and booking conditions is a representative form of any product itinerary or activities described on this website to buy or deal with us including those that might otherwise be recognized as trekking, walking, hiking, climbing, sightseeing, mountaineering, tours, expeditions, as well as other adventure tour programs listed on our website 

Once you select and book the trip, a confirmation email should be received and you need to be sure that this is the right trip you have selected. You can change it before we officially send you a confirmation email. 

2. Contract Formation

A contract comes into existence after accepting reservation details by us. It is a condition in which both parties; companies, and clients enter into a contract for its existence.

Before any trip booking confirmation, a contract comes into force, in other words, the company reserves the right to increase and decrease of listed broacher price. Please be advised, in summary, that the company would be a disclaimer to any warranty, collateral agreement, prior agreement, description of services, or conditions, other than or expressed herein.

3. Deposit Requirement

A. Nepal trip confirmation payment

To secure your place and to process the confirmation of your booking for the Nepal trip, a non-refundable 20% (percent) per person down payment of the total trip cost is required as an advance deposit to the company for the final trip booking confirmation. This deposited amount will be used for making hotel reservations and flight reservations. Your service arrangements are managed as soon as the advance is received. The booking deposit is acceptable both through bank transfer and/or online payment through our secured website. 

B. Nepal trips final payment

The final remaining 80% (percent) balance payments for trekking, tours, climbing, expeditions, or any kind of trip can generally be made upon your arrival in Nepal, before the initial trip departure date. Final trip documentation will be released upon full trip payment. Your final payment is accepted by bank transfer, cash, or credit card. 4% (percent) surcharges will be added while making your payment by using your credit card as a bank charge. However, to avoid the bank charge, we highly recommend making payment in cash if this is possible for you. 

C. Tibet / Bhutan Trips

For Tibet and Bhutan trips, a 50% (Percent) deposit is required while booking, and a 50%  (percent) remaining balance payment is required 1 month before the trip.

4. Payment Methods

A. Payment by credit card (Master card or Visa)

While making payment, go to any trip package you want to embark on, fill up the required information on "Pay Online” and pay the advance amount as specified in the given trip.


B. Payment via Wire/Bank Transfer

The provided bank payment details below are an authorized official bank account of Trek Ways Nepal Pvt. Ltd. It only belongs to the company and reserves the right to claim the possession with the complete reliability and formality of law as well as the clause disclosed in the opening account.

Bank Payment Details

USD ( Dollar Account )

Beneficiary Bank: HIMALAYAN BANK LTD.

Bank Address: Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Telex No.:2789 HIBA NP


Beneficiary Name: Trek Ways Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Account Number: 01921605320017

If the above method does not suit you please do let us know by email so we share other methods. 

When you pay, please pay individually if this is possible so we will keep the record accordingly, and easy for us to receive the balance amount when you arrive. An email must be sent to us along with the attached remittance slip or reference numbers after completing your transfer process. This way we can send the copy to our bank to trace the fund. Please note that we are not responsible for a case of any delay or loss during the transfer process. Likewise, receiving your money with us is less than the amount you sent because of the use of a mediator bank or any other reasons; you are requested upon arrival to pay accordingly so that the total is equivalent to the trip cost.

5. Last minute booking

This is for clients who cannot book trips in advance for any reason but are eager to confirm booking trips within a short period. Trek WaysNepal has made a special booking provision about the Nepal trips, your last-minute booking with 100 % (percent) trip payments 24 hrs before starting a trip is accepted. Likewise, we are always ready to operate Nepal trips anytime. For this, you could contact us for more information at 977- 9841666232 (Tika) /9849110124 (Menuka) or email us at. However, Bhutan and Tibet trips could be different as their visa process takes a while. 

6. Cancellation policy

A. Company cancellation
In rare cases, due to unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances beyond our management and client's control, the trips can be delayed and rescheduled according to your availability.

Similarly, if conditions require cancellation of the trip, in such cases, we provide a reimbursement of the advance payment under the following conditions. If the contributing factors that caused the cancellation of trips are religious, cultural, economic, political, social, etc. in such circumstances, local government administration may not allow for participating in specific trips. In such cases, clients can exchange for other trips with similar costs or can change the dates of the trip.

Trek Ways Nepal will not take responsibility for these events.

Advice from guides or Sherpa or any local people about the condition of the weather, or condition of the trail, or anything will have to be taken seriously, as ignoring such advice may harm you or your health. The decisions taken by trek leaders will be final.

B. Trip cancellation
by the clients, If you have made full payment for any trip, you are liable to receive the refund amount in case of cancellation of the trip. Any trip cancellation made by a client has to be disclosed mandatorily in the written notification and acknowledged by the company. Your request with the submission of the cancellation date should be received by a company. In such a case, the company reserves the right to impose certain applicable charges on your trip cancellation. The cancellation charge herein is the representation of the total listed online website brochure trip cost based on percentage. 

Refund of Booking Payment if it has been paid in full (%)  

45 days or more 


44- 30 days 


29- 15 days 


15 - 7 days 


less than 7 days 




Please note that no refunds will be made to clients who drop out of the journey regardless of the reason after the trip has started. 

There is no refund on the unused amount based on the itinerary. Similarly, no refunds are applicable for unutilized facilities such as accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals, or services.

If a client wants to cancel the trip when the trip starts (from day 1) then there is no refund provided.

7. Lifetime Deposit

If the company has received advance payment for Nepal Trips, but the client cancels the trip, the advance paid will be put on hold as a lifetime deposit and the client is free to use this advance in the future.

8. Trip Amendment

The trip amendment is an obligatory condition in which the trip itinerary needs to be changed because of undesirable circumstances during the trip. The factors beyond our control such as weather conditions, landslides, etc. may hinder the trips, in such cases, the company will provide timely advice to the clients.

If clients want to amend the trip because of their reasons, trip amendment notification should reach the company in writing, and then the company may decide to make the necessary amendments.

The fees for amendment of a trip are:

Booking amendment requests made by clients before 30 days of the original trip departure date- US $ 50.00 per person.

Booking amendment requests made by clients less than 30 days before their original trip departure date- charges are the same as the cancellation fees. As hotels, guest houses, group operators, or airlines are paid in advance.

9. Trip Cancellation by Company

The company reserves the right to cancel any of your booked trips for justified reasons, mostly those that are not in the control of the company. The company reserves the right to cancel any guaranteed trip for client safety concerns before the departure date for reasons beyond our control (for example - natural disaster, flight cancellation, consequences of strikes, industrial action, wars, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions, or another untoward occurrence). In such an event, Trek Ways Nepal provides a refund of only 50% of the trip booking price, as the company would have already paid third parties for transportation, accommodation, and other fees.

Please be advised that your significant alterations or changes exclude a change of airline carrier, flight timetables, or itineraries provided that the departure and arrival dates remain unchanged. Similarly, changes are allowed for cabin category or hotel accommodation provided they are of the same category.

The company is not liable for any accidental expenses, losses, or consequences of losses incurred due to any reason including visa problems, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or train tickets, non-refundable car parking or other fees, loss of earnings, etc., that may arise from trip bookings.

10. Medical conditions and special requirements

The clients have to notify us in writing of the factual medical condition at the time of booking that clearly states the mental or physical condition that may affect the client’s fitness during the trip. Failure to inform the company about health conditions at the time of booking may result in clients being refused to travel, and no refunds will be provided.

In addition, we want clients to take into consideration other factors that affect mobility (trekking) such as age, pregnancy, or other mental or physical conditions. In such cases, we advise you to choose a suitable trip. The company is not entitled to provide any special facilities unless it has agreed to do so in writing. The company will always try its best to suit clients' special requests including dietary, but such requests do not form part of the contract and therefore the company is not liable for not providing these requests. Medical facilities may differ from country to country thus the company makes no representations and provides no warranties about the standard of such treatment.

11. Travel Insurance

You must understand that trips in remote parts of Himalayan countries may bring an inherent risk as a result of bad weather, landslides, floods, etc., which are beyond our control and can cause serious injury and death. Our overall organization efforts will favor avoiding such risks and hazards at any cost based on our capacity.

However, there is still a very very low possibility of accidents happening. So, travel insurance is mandatory for undertaking any trips in the Himalayas, and an insurance policy should cover adequate protection for the full duration of the trip. Sufficient and valid travel insurance with a rescue and evacuation policy is mandatory for all travelers.

The insurance policy must cover accidents, death-related expenses, injury, illness, medical expenses (including for pre-existing medical evacuation conditions), emergency repatriation (including helicopter rescue and air ambulance where applicable), and personal liability.

The company also recommends the policy to cover trip cancellation, curtailment, and loss of luggage, and personal belongings. You must carry proof of insurance with you and produce it when requested by the company. If you are unable to provide evidence of insurance when the company requests, the company reserves the right to cancel or suspend your participation on a trip or in certain activities that comprise part of a trip, at any time, including after the commencement of your trip, with no right of refund.

12. Flight delays and changes in the itinerary

Please be prepared that mountain adventures are always unpredictable. The main reason is bad weather conditions in mountain regions causing domestic flight delays. In case of delayed flights during departure (starting of the trip) or return (ending of the trip), the client is responsible for bearing all additional expenses including food and accommodation costs. If you wish to make alternative arrangements such as a helicopter flight to avoid flight delays, all additional costs would be your responsibility. Additionally, we do not accept any responsibility for costs incurred as a result of a missed international flight but would assist in making alternative arrangements wherever possible. Please note that while on the field, we may have to make some changes in the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances not under our control. However, we will stick to the itinerary as far as possible.

13. Paper and document

All necessary documents should be carried out with you in sequence and have to be shown when requested by the company. You will also be asked to send us scanned documents for several purposes such as for flight or accommodation reservations during booking. We are not accountable in case of any trip formality not being completed in time before the trip departs because of the lack of essential papers and documents.

14. Visa and Passport

You must carry a valid passport and have obtained the appropriate visa when traveling with us. Please ensure your passport is valid for 6 months beyond the duration of the trip. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct visas for the countries while traveling on the Nepal trip. The company will not be responsible for your refused entry to a country or place due to a lack of correct visa documentation. For most countries, a Nepal visa is available on arrival in Nepal. For Tibet and Bhutan, the company can make necessary arrangements upon request. For India, the client will have to acquire a visa from their own home country.

15. Injuries and Evacuation

Trek Ways Nepal would not be liable for any injury/health conditions/emotional or other conditions suffered by the client during the trip. Similarly, our package cost does not include any personal insurance. Hence, we advise the clients to take adequate insurance packages, including medical emergencies and evacuation by Helicopter.

16. Services missed or unused

There will be no discounts or money refunded for missed or unused services, this includes voluntary or involuntary termination/departure from the tour, i.e. sickness, death of a family member, etc, late arrival on the tour, or premature departure either voluntarily or involuntarily

17. Health & Fitness

As you know, trekking in the remote parts of the Himalayas requires a certain level of physical fitness, so it is recommended to consult with a doctor before deciding to travel to Nepal. You should notify your current health conditions of any pre-existing medical condition and/or disability that might reasonably be expected to increase the risk of required medical attention that may affect your ability to travel to us.

18. Children

A legal guardian must accompany all travelers under the age of sixteen. Further information about age and suitability will be provided in email correspondence.

19. Discount Provision

The company offers special discount rates during holidays and off seasons only for specific products and is limited for a specific period. To take advantage of those offers, clients must book trips within the time specified in the offer. The offer is not valid for bookings made before or after the offer period.

A. groups
Trek Ways Nepal offers a 10% discount per person on brochure prices for a group of at least 6 members. The company operates trips for any group size or even for an individual. However, groups of less than 6 members are not eligible for offers.

B. School /College Group
Trek Ways Nepal offers reasonable trip prices to students (in school or college) who want to serve as volunteers in remote Nepali communities. Such groups will not be charged the listed trip price, and this discount is offered during booking. This service is provided to promote community welfare.

C. Business-to-Business
We also provide services for international agencies to guide their trip to Nepal. Therefore, the company has special rate provisions for such companies that want to coordinate and cooperate with us in Nepal trips.

20. Holiday changes

Traveling with us requires a degree of flexibility and understanding. Infrequently modes of transport, accommodation, and itineraries may change without prior notice due to local circumstances such as flight delay, cancellation, or postponement. This change might also occur because of unfavorable weather, landslides, road blockage, flood, snow, political unrest, delayed arrival, etc. In such cases, the company is unable to refund the money because of prior supplier arrangements. However, the company provides the same category, alternative or substitute trips instead of refunds. The company does not take any responsibility for loss of employment, delays, or compensation as a result of booking and embarking on the trip with us.

21. Supplement charge

All our holiday trip packages, rooms, or tents are based on twin sharing. The single room supplement charge will be levied to the clients if they do not have another tour participant for sharing accommodation.

22. Risk & Responsibility

Your safety and enjoyment are paramount to our concern. We will not compromise your safety at any cost. The entire team discharges their responsibility sincerely to guarantee that your holiday is hassle-free.

We are committed to offering highly professional services that can prove to be a life-changing journey. We organize all trips with strong team coordination, cooperation, and support. The entire trip is conducted strictly under the rules and regulations of the Nepal government and its policies.

Uncertain and inherent circumstances might result in changes in the trips. Therefore, Trek Ways Nepal and its associated organization shall not be responsible for any changes in the itinerary because of unavoidable circumstances like government restriction, landslide, road blockage, political strike, cancellation of flight, delay, sickness, or accident. The client should themselves meet additional costs incurred during such periods.

23. Trip Duration Changes

If in case, the booked trip is completed before the duration (days) as set out in the trip package, the Company will not make any refunds. However, if the trip exceeds the duration set in the trip package, the client has to pay extra costs.

24. Responsible Tourism Policy

We have been established to provide benefits directly to the local people, tourists, environment, government, and tourism industry to a large extent. You are requested to read for more detailed information about our Responsible Tourism Policy before booking your holiday with us. We always expect you to follow our guidelines and policies to make the most out of the trips.

25. Impact on the journey

We do our best to make your trip comfortable, exciting, and thrilling. However, unlike Western affluent countries, Himalayan countries might not afford all the facilities that you are used to, we want you to be aware of this fact.

26. Your personal belongings

On the trip, our crew members try their best to make your luggage safe. However, in case of loss or damage to your belongings, while being transported by our porters, ponies, or vehicles, the company will not take any responsibility. You are advised to purchase comprehensive insurance to cover such hazards.

27. Dispute Settlement

In case of dispute, the dispute will be settled in the courts in Kathmandu, Bagmati Province according to the laws of Nepal.

28. Compensation

If in case the company has to pay compensation, the compensation amount will not be more than the amount the client has paid to the company.

29. Enforcement of Terms and Conditions

In case certain provisions included in this terms and conditions document conflict with the local laws and are not enforceable, then only those provisions are void, the remaining provisions will be enforced.

30. Publicity

We might use the images taken by clients during their trip without prior notice, recourse, or compensation. These images might be used for publicity and promotion purposes. You agree to grant this permission to the company. However, if you explicitly request us not to use your images for publicity or promotion, the company will abide by your request.

31. Privacy

To obtain necessary information from clients during the booking, the company asks several questions. No private or personal information that you supply to us when making a booking will be indulged for any other purposes.

26. Updating of terms and conditions

The company reserves the right to update and amend these terms and conditions at any time. It is the responsibility of the client to keep updated with any such changes.

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