Team Detail

Steven Ayers

USA & Canada Representative

Steven Ayers is our USA/Canada Representative. Although he is retired from his career job (Security Captain in Minnesota's Super Maximum Security Prison for well over three decades) he is far from retired. He is everything sports, and adventure and very passionate about positive life-changing experiences for himself and others. He is an athlete in many sports including playing college-level hockey. He has trekked in Nepal (Everest Base Camp twice/Annapurna Base Camp) and USA (Mt. Whitney twice/Grand Canyon seven times) and has almost a decade of experience as a trekking representative. He brings a unique and strong skill set as he is a group fitness instructor in cycling, yoga, core, and TRX. He can recommend how to get physically prepared for your adventure. Once you talk to him, you will quickly be motivated by his excitement for visiting and trekking in Nepal. From an outsider's perspective, he can talk about the country, people, culture, traditions, and religions, etc. Steve is also very involved in fundraising for worthy causes. He along with two others raised enough money to build a school that was destroyed by the 2015 earthquake."


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