Team Detail

Mr. Tika P. Regmi

Managing Director

Tika Prasad Regmi is a Managing Director of Trek Ways Nepal Pvt. Ltd. He was born in the Manaslu region of Nepal known as Gorkha. He grew up and had an education in the Government school in the village of Gorkha. After completing his school he came to Kathmandu for a job and further study. He had to work and study together which was challenging for him. He was introduced to a Trekking company where he requested there for a porter job. Since he was too small in size people did not trust him at the beginning but later on he got his first job as a porter which was his first job in tourism.

After that, he decided to work continue, and study at the same time. He had to carry more than his weight in a basket ahead with the help of rope. After 3 years of a porter job, he became a porter guide and got more responsibilities. He completed his Bachelor's Degree from Tribhuwan University which was his big academic achievement. After 1 year of Porter's guide, his boss promoted him as a guide. He enjoyed his guiding job but he loves porters as he had an experienced hard porter life.

After 6 years of a guide career, he got a chance to work in India (Varanasi) in a hotel as a tour Operator. This is how he was upgraded as a sales representative for Nepal. He worked in India for 4 years and returned to Kathmandu. His trekking company boss offered him to work for him as a tour operator for his reputed company. Then he started to work for his boss.  It was not even a year passed, his boss offered him a partnership business for his company which was a huge opportunity for him. Then he started working with his boss as a working partner from September 2011 to November 2023. After that, he decided to start his own business.

Tika Prasad Regmi has traveled to Australia, Hongkong, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Bhutan, and Tibet. He is passionate about trekking and traveling. He can easily spend hours and hours talking with customers to plan their Treks and Tours. He works very hard and he is a dynamic team player. His guides and porters are so happy for him as he knows how hard this job is. Especially he cares about his porters so he tells his customers not to load porters of more than 25kg. He is progressive and he loves talking to his field team after the completion of every trip to share feedback from the clients and to suggest them.

He is happy to receive emails and phone calls from customers all over the world. He does not mind receiving calls in the middle of the night. He does reply to emails very fast in general. He is ready to welcome you here in Nepal. 


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