How to get in to Everest region?

By Tika Prasad Regmi

Everest is a well-known name for every adventure seeker.  People who want to trek to the Everest region including the famous trail to Everest base Camp, Gokyo Valley, and Everest Three High Passes need to know how to get into it.  There are several ways to get into the Everest region.


  1. Flight to Lukla or Phaplu

There are several flights to Lukla every day during the main trekking season. Three airline companies operate flights to Lukla, they are, Yeti air (Tara Air), Summit Air, and Sita Air.  There are few flights to Phaplu which is further down from Lukla. There are few direct flights from Kathmandu. Make sure you enquire to your travel agent.

2. Helicopter flight to Lukla, Phaplu and Surke

Helicopter flights are always available during the main season. If the weather is bad helicopter still operates. You can either get a direct Lukla flight (which is common) or if the weather is bad in Lukla then helicopter fly either to Surke (just 2 hours walk from Lukla) or Phaplu which is further down.

  1. Jeep ride

There are jeeps available in Kathmandu for Thamdanda (Near Surke) from where people can start their trek into the Everest region. There are jeeps available to Phaplu as well.  Jeep trip is long but if you want to avoid flight then this is the best option. When Lukla's weather is bad then Jeep's pride goes high. Please review our Everest base camp trek package here.


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