Why Us

Trek Ways Nepal is a locally based company led by 25 years of field experience expertise. Here are thousands of tour companies in Nepal and it is important to pick the right company that provides personal, professional, safe services that change your life experience. We do focus on how our customers can benefit from our services. Check below points why you should choose Trek Ways Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Local Company
Trek Ways Nepal is a local company that has all local dedicated on-site and off-site staff. We are based in Kathmandu Nepal. Local knows more about the region and its culture. So, you will have the full benefit of traveling with a local company that hires local expertise.

Safety and Security
Your safety is our high priority. We have trained our staff accordingly and they know what they have to do. We do carry satellite phones for high-altitude treks where cell phone networks are rare. We frequently speak with our guides and Sherpas and get to know about our valuable customers. Our guide will keep his eye on you to make sure that water is fully boiled and food is fresh and hygienic. If necessary, we will assist with the helicopter evacuation or other sort of arrangement such as Horse or using Oxygen. Our main goal is to take you back safely.

Local knowledge of the region
We do pick our guide from the local area where we offer our services. So, you can experience local knowledge, culture, and religion through our guide. Our guides are familiar with locals and speak the local language. It makes a huge difference.

Great Value
Trek Ways Nepal team carefully tailors itineraries with the best possible services. Our goal is not to sell products. We do sell the result and sell the lifestyle. Our valued offer price is the best for what you get the benefit of it.

Flexible options
We are flexible in booking options, cancelation, and postponement policies. If you want to make slight changes to our itinerary we will tailor it accordingly. Once you make the booking and pay the deposit and cannot make it due to some personal issues then we will either postpone your booking and secure your deposit or you can book later on whenever you want to.

Staff Training
Once we are set, we do not stop here. We want to train our guide continuously and frequently in different perspectives such as updated First Aid and other related medication. Not only that we do train our staff in reading mapping, GPS, and refreshments after every trekking season. Based on our customer feedback we do discuss with our guide and find the solutions if something needs to be changed.

Our practice is how we can help to our environment keep clean. Our guide will bring the garbage back they carry with them. Our effort is not to use plastic bottles if possible. We do suggest our clients use water purification tablets and water filters when they are on a trek with us. So far it’s working and no one has got issue.

Socially Responsible
We are highly committed and believe in giving back to our community. We have been involved in social activities after the 2015 earthquake hit the country badly. From the time till 2019 before the COVID pandemic, we have been involved in the village to rebuild schools and health posts. We also offer our clients to do some volunteer work in remote villages and teach what they can. We also collect second-hand clothes and give them to the flood victim community every year.

Guaranteed departure
Once your booking is confirmed, your trip is guaranteed to run regardless of the number of participants. We run trips even if a single participant booking is made except for a few selected trips (restricted area) where a minimum of 2 participants is required. If the fixed guaranteed departure date does not suit you, please do let us know. We may have others seeking the same date.

Fast Response in time
We want to be sure that your inquiries are taken seriously so we respond in time. Trek Ways Nepal's professional team is 24/7 available and ready to respond to you. Not only before booking but also after booking if you have questions, we are here to reply promptly. We can also update about your trip progress to your family members if required. But for this, you need to permit us. This way your family knows where are you and how are you doing.

Staff Care and Security
We do love our staff and we take care of them as a part of the family. They are the main hero of Trek Ways Nepal. We have yearly insurance through the company, we provide seasonal trekking gear. If our staff are in trouble we are here to help as a part of the family. This is why we have a weight limit on our trek. Our porter carries a max 25kg so, we have only a 2:1 porter ratio.

Accommodations and meals
We do pick up the better lodges during the trek. They are clean and have comfortable beds and pillows. We do pick lodges based on customer feedback and guide feedback. We let our customers pick meals based on the menu that Lodge offers. Besides meat, they can order anything from the menu.


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